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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sweet Treat: Edy's Samoas Ice Cream

I confess and I'll own up to it right now.  I have a serious weakness for Samoa Girl Scout Cookies.  Whenever the time of the years rolls around when they're being sold I simply am compelled to buy some and consume them in short order.  That's why I was so intrigued when I looked in the freezer section while The Girlfriend and I were at the grocery store last night.  Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and he had left Edy's Samoas Ice Cream in my grocer's freezer.  Being that it was also on sale I just had to pick some up.

Unfortunately I have to report that while I think Samoa ice cream is great in theory in practice it just wasn't a home run for me.  It should have been.  All the components are things I love: caramel ice cream, fudge, sizable chunks of Samoa cookie pieces.  However, it just didn't come together into something that I found that tasty.  The best part of it by far was the cookie pieces, but I could barely taste any caramel flavor at all from the ice cream.  Maybe it would be improved by a coconut ice cream base with actual ribbons of caramel running through it.  It's also true that perhaps my expectations were just a bit too high on this one.  Whatever the case may be the fact remains that when you try new things you win some and you lose some.  Next it's time to get my hands on Ben and Jerry's new Late Night Snack ice cream.


citynomnoms said...

I completely agree with you. Samoa cookies (or Carmel Delights - depends on who you by from) are hands down, the best Girl Scout cookies ever. And I was slightly disappointed in the ice cream as well, but I chalk it up to the distributor, Edy's. The ice cream consistency is never fantastic for me - I'm a Blue Bell lover now.

Soma said...

I've found the full-fat version is much better, though there is still more of a fudge flavor than caramel. At least you get more chunks of actual samoas.