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Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekend Preview

It's Friday Friday Friday gotta get down on...sorry couldn't help myself.  But as Rebecca Black so cleverly reminds us tomorrow is Saturday, and as per usual I will be prowling the city in search of good eats.  There is a chance that my parents may be coming down from the big city of Muncie to dine with The Girlfriend and I.  I've been racking my brain to try to think of a place we could try out that meets the following criteria.  1. It has to be in the Fishers/Noblesville/Carmel area.  If my parents are already driving 45 minutes I don't want to spend the additional time dragging them to Brip or downtown.  2.  I want it to be tasty but casual.  Come on let's be honest here.  I'm trying to get the rents to spring for dinner and if it's some place that's 30-40 bucks a plate they aren't gonna go for it.  3.  I want to go some place independent.  They already have nothing but chain restaurants up there in Funcie.  I'd like to show them something a little more unique without getting too adventurous for their tastes.  Any suggestions are welcome.  Also, sometime this weekend I'm going to try to pound out my P.F. Chang's review that I've had hanging over my head for a while now.  Hmm maybe I'm putting off writing it so I don't have to re-live the experience..uh oh maybe I've said too much.  Well, have a good weekend everyone.  If I'm not back posting by early next week at the latest just assume I suffered an OD on processed onion soup powder after cocktail time at a Sandra Lee dinner party. 

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IndianapolisEater said...

Try Matteo's on the square in downtown Noblesville. High quality Italian food.

Brent said...

Thanks for the suggestion. Matteo's is actually one of my favorite restaurants. It was actually the place I took my parents when we went out for my last birthday.

Erin said...

I've heard Matteo's is good even though I've never been there, even living only a block from the square in Noblesville.

Rosie's Place is a couple stores down from Matteo's and the breakfast is delicious. They do lunch also.

Asian Grill is also just a couple stores down. Also great food, very eclectic flavors.

Anonymous said...

I'll agree with Erin, Asian Grill is fantastic.

If you are going casual, could go to Bub's, but that is pretty specific entree selection. My parents love it there (though they do like brunch at Bub's Cafe more).

I need to try Matteo's...

Brent said...

Asian Grill is definitely on the list so it's just a matter if time. However for our family excursion we actually went to Sahm's at 116th and Allisonville. I will write a full review soon, butfor right now I'll just say overall I was pleasantly surprised.