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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sweet Treat: St Patty's Day Cookies

Despite all the craziness and trendiness around cakes and cupcakes these days neither one really do that much for me.  They're okay, but if I really want to satisfy my sweet tooth I reach for a cookie.  Last week I was in luck because a co-worker of mine who is a fantastic baker and cake decorator sent several of us here in the office a little box of homemade St Patrick's Day themed sugar cookies.  I'm usually more of a chocolate chip kind of guy, but she totally nailed what a good sugar cookie is supposed to be.  They were soft and fluffy without being too heavy like some store brand sugar cookies.  Also, the icing that she put on them was fantastic.  Sweet and not too thick so it didn't dominate the cookie.  Some of the cookies also had green icing which had just a hint of mint flavor on the back end which I really enjoyed.  It's nice when the icing itself actually has flavor added instead of just food coloring.  Also, you have to admit that shamrock shaped cookies are pretty cool no matter what.

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