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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sweet Treat: Panera Cobblestone Muffin

As you might have figured out already if you've been reading this blog I'm not really much for dessert, sweets or pastries.  To add a change of pace however I decided I'd do a few quick reviews in coming days of sweet treats of which I have partaken.  Yesterday I decided to kick things off with a cobblestone muffin from Panera. 

 If I had to describe what a cobblestone muffin is like I'd probably have to say it's almost like a bread pudding shaped into a muffin form crossed with a glazed apple fritter donut.  The size of the muffin is quite large at about the size of or a little bit larger than my very manly fist.  I thought the flavor was good with the most prominent flavor being the cinnamon/apple flavor.  I couldn't really taste the raisins in it at all.  My favorite part however was the very top of the muffin that had the hard glazed crust.  The inner softer didn't have nearly as good of a texture and it was so sticky it was somewhat hard to eat.

Overall, I think if you are in the mood for a pastry and are either really hungry or indifferent to heavy food I think you would probably enjoy the cobblestone muffin.  It is probably one of the more interesting sweets produced in the Panera bakery (which is much superior to the Cafe portion of the store btw).  I don't really want to give any sweets/desserts a rating on the Taste/Value scales because I think their aim is short term appeasement of cravings or indulgence and I want to evaluate them as such.  For me this one hit the mark for the most part, but as far as bakery items from Panera it's still yet to surpass the cinnamon crunch bagel or cheese danish.

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v w said...

Do you have any idea what spice they used that gives it that... bizarre, sort of rancid flavor? I can detect cinammon of course, but there's something else in there that's baffling me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for that comment! I was reading all the rave reviews about Panera cobblestone muffins and wondering if it's just me... I was horrified by that terrible artificial smell and taste. I honestly didn't taste anything more disgusting than that muffin. I thought it must have been a bad batch and they accidentally spilled some dishwashing liquid or something even worse. I asked my husband if he noticed that gross taste/smell, and he said yes and he thought it was bad but he didn't find the muffins inedible. And all the recipes I found don't have anything that could taste so bad. So at least now I know it wasn't a poisoned batch :)

Wishing you a peaceful heart said...

I thought it was just me. Taste like it had been tainted with motor oil(what I would imagine such oil would taste like LOL). Rancid, burning. Horrible taste. What is it?????

Kayla Edwards said...

They are okay but they are dry inside and taste kind of like fruit cake..I'd rather have cinnamelt from mcdonalds to be honest