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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sweet Treat: Marsh Cannoli

I've got some restaurant reviews in the works, but I guess my sweet tooth has been making itself known lately. I love cannolis and I've been in the mood for one for weeks. Unfortunately they can be difficult to find at restaurants.  When I saw them at the Marsh bakery I decided to snap it up. 
I knew ahead of time that Marsh doesn't make any of their bakery items in house other than the bread. The quality of the cannoli obviously suffered because of this. The sweet marscapone and chocolate chips were tasty but definitely not fresh. The shell was most disappointing.  It was broken in the middle and lacked any sort of crispness whatsoever.  At a price of $2.29 per cannoli it just isn't worth it. It really only fueled my desire to get one from a real bakery.

Author's Note:  For those not from the Hoosier state Marsh is a local grocery store chain.


-Claire said...

So sad! I was really hoping it would be awesome, but alas, it was not to be. I hope you find better cannoli elsewhere!

Brent said...

Surely some bakeries around here have to have them. I don't know where to check first.

Maggie said...

Fresh Market has good cannolis

Brent said...

Never would have thought of Fresh Market. I've been needing to go there and just poke around anyway might as well make a cannoli trip out of it too. Thanks!

Sarah said...

We have had decent cannolis at Some Guys Pizza, but I have a feeling they are outsourced. I wonder where they are from?