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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Buffalo Wild Wings: The worst chain on the planet

Ever since I moved to the Indianapolis area and even more so  in the last few months I have grown more and more to appreciate local independent restaurants.   When I lived in Muncie such places were in  short supply, but here  there are quite a few and sometimes I even forget about ones I want to try.  Tonight as the girlfriend and I were getting ready to go to dinner I let her decide where we would be dining.  When the word "Bdubs" came out of her mouth I audibly and visually cringed.  However since I shot down this same suggestion from her last week I felt that I had to relent this time.  Every time I go there, and it seems to be  the same at each location, I have the  worst service I've had at any restaurant since the last time I was there.  However, I justified my giving in by saying well at least the wings are usually pretty big and pretty tasty.  Tonight I realized how wrong I was.

When we came in to the already crowded restaurant full of noisy kids and all of the seizure inducing televisions and other junk on the walls I knew we were going to be in trouble.  We stood at the host's station for a good two minutes before anyone even realized we where there.  Finally when guy-in-10-year-old-baseball-cap finally noticed us he just handed us a buzzer and never told us how long the wait was or if we'd like to sit in the bar.  There was no way in hell I was waiting to eat chicken wings so I just decided to take initiative and grab a table in the bar area.  I thought things were going to be okay from there on out, but it took well over 20 minutes to get our wings.  Yes, we just got wings and only wings.  No sides. No special requests.  The one main thing that everybody gets and it still took them almost half an hour to get our food out to us.  When we finally got our wings the first thing I noticed was how small they were.  If I'm at a damn wing restaurant and I'm paying good money for wings they better be jumbo wings.  They where also completely overcooked and tough.  Pizza Hut serves better wings than  what we had tonight.  And finally when we were done and tired of sitting on their crappy uncomfortable stools and just wanting to get the hell out of their our waiter walks by us at least 10 times before even thinking of bringing our check (23 bucks w/tip for 24 wings and 1 Diet Coke ugh).

All of those things by themselves are each reason enough to be mad about the dining experience, but I think the thing that gets me the most is that the place was jammed full of people and showed no signs of slowing down.  Why?  The place is absolutely bringing nothing to the table to keep your business.   Truthfully it's quite the opposite.  Shrinking the size of the wings, raising the prices and tolerating  poor performing staff are all signs of an incredible arrogance on behalf of the Buffalo Wild Wings organization.  Until people decide to follow in my footsteps and never go back, to paraphrase the great Sam Cook, a change is not gonna come.

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Claire said...

First and foremost, props on your use of Paint. In regard to the Bdubs situation, I completely agree with you. Their wings are going down hill fast. When you feel stiffed on 60 cent wing day, thats saying something. Their wait staff always seems like they are annoyed that you are there, which is another huge red flag for me. I expect great service and I wont apologize for it.

wibia said...

There are enough frozen wings that are out of the bag that beat Bdubs from a price and taste standpoint. Oddly enough, their nachos are the best thing there. However, I have never had them without about 5 beers before, so don’t put 100% trust in that recommendation.

Anonymous said...

Buffalo Wild Wings-I waited forever for an order of wings to go last month. I think I watched an entire basketball game while they were preparing my 12 wings.

Anonymous said...

Obviously you suck at life. You need to stop looking for negatives and focus on positives.

You probably don't have a job either, and have no idea what it's like to be busy.

Next time you get to a restuarant, when someone greets you, say to them, "HI, how's is going tonight?" If you show a little personality, they'll show you some respect.

If you project a positive attitude, you'll recieve a positive attitude. You obviously project the same negativity towards everyone you meet that your blog is full of.

I don't know why your girlfriend is even dating you. She would probably prefer to be with some one who can go to buffalo wild wings and have a good time, no matter what.

Maybe in your next life, you'll be born without legs, or you'll be so retarded no decent looking girl will ever go out with you. Then you'll learn to appreciate what you have.

U suk.

As for me, I'm going to go to B-dubs tonight. I'm going to respect every one I meet, and project a smile, and a positive attitude. In return, I'll get my usual excellect service, and my usual fabulous wings, and my usual extra free beer because the manager there is a nice guy who appreciates that I come there on a regular basis.

I hope you get hit by a bus, and that your girlfriend finds a man who can really make her happy.

Brent said...

Haha. The irony of accusing someone of having a negative attitude in a lengthy blog comment where you wish death upon them is apparently lost on you.

Brent said...

Also I'd like to point out that getting hit by a bus is only slighty worse than dining at Bdubs.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm from Buffalo and we know how to make 'em up here! I went to Buffalo Wild Wings yesterday and I didn't have to wait at all, a waitress came immediately and also offered to change the station on the television to a different football game, played a fun trivia game while waiting (which didn't take long), and
the wings were great. They were big and delicious. Like I said, we know how to make 'em up here in Buffalo!

Chew on that.

CrowKing said...

Never going back. Shithole restaurant. Cheap tvs shitty service stool hurt my ass almost as much as the bill. Fuck you bw3. All positive reviews come from corporate shills.