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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I was just watching Topchef tonight, and in addition to being the best cooking comptetion on tv it also tends to remind me of foods I want to try. One of the "cheftestants" tonight mentioned how braised oxtail was a food that was often cooked as part of their family tradition. While I've seen people make this dish on TV many times I don't remember seeing it on a menu of any restaurant I've been to.  It always looks so tender and flavorful with all kinds of meaty goodness. Does anyone know of anywhere near central Indiana where I can order this dish?


Andrew said...

I'm sorry I can't actually answer your question... but I'm sure there is some place in Indy serving oxtail. Anyway, I have to comment on this episode... Was it not one of the best episodes in recent history? Seriously. I was so pissed that Dale got kicked off, but this episode completely made up for it. I honestly think this was some of the best food ever produced on the show and could've easily won these folks the Top Chef title in seasons 1-5 or 7. (Gotta skip the Voltaggio-Beardy season because those dudes were unstoppable.) Thoughts?

Brent said...

Yeah I agree. I love Top Chef in general, but this season especially. Normally I like some of the more unusual challenges and quickfires and the producers have been pretty damn creative this season, but the last episode shined based upon the top level performance of the chefs. I really didn't want to see anyone go home and I'm glad no one was eliminated. Also excited to see Michael Voltaggio make an appearance next week. That dude (and the others on that season) was a beast.

wibia said...

Pretty rare to find it on menus. My Grandmother made a mean oxtail soup. You can find them at Marsh and Moody’s usually stocks them. However, they are not that cheap for as much meat as you get off of them. Plus, it makes for a really fatty broth, so I usually cool my Oxtail soup overnight and skim the fat the next day.

Soma said...

You may have some luck if you go a bit more ethnic, Oxtail is pretty common in Korean eateries (both the soup and meat-on-bone variety). It's tasty when cooked properly, a bit more than "toothsome" otherwise.