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Friday, March 4, 2011

Arby's 3 Cheese Angus Sub

"I'm so hungry I could eat at Arby's"-Sherri and Terri from The Simpsons when stranded on a desert island.

For lunch today I decided to pass up several food choices that I knew would be delicious and opt for Arby's new Three Cheese Angus sub.  The first thing you should know going in is that the sandwich itself is 5 bucks.  In my opinion that is quite pricey for a fast food sandwich.  If you want a medium fries and drink with that (which I did) your total will come to $8.15.  Considering all the places I could have gone for lunch and what I could have purchased with my $8.15 the meal was going to have to be pretty damn good to make up for it.  It wasn't.

When I first saw my tray with the wrapped sandwich on it I had to say I was optimistic.  It looked like it had serious heft and would be quite a meal.  I was duped.  The amount of paper wrapping was enormous and only concealed an average to below average sized sub inside.  While the "angus" roast beef on the sandwich looked somewhat thicker than the see-through stuff Arby's usually serves up there could have been a little more of it.  The 3 cheese were barely detectable.  I got a couple slices of some sort of white cheese that wasn't really that melted, a few barely noticeable shards of some sort of shredded yellow cheese and a parmesan ranch SAUCE...yes somehow sauce counts as cheese according to Arby's.  Needless to say visually this was doing nothing for me, but maybe the flavor was where it was at.  Wrong.  The beef certainly tasted different than their regular roast beef, but truthfully I found it way way over seasoned.  That along with the sauce completely over powered the couple slices of bacon on the sandwich to the point where I almost forgot they were even there.  You're doing something wrong if the bacon flavor is buried.  Pretty much a swing and a miss in every category.

Taste 2/10 The parmesan ranch sauce was kind of ok.  I wouldn't mind seeing it available in another form.  As a sandwich I thought this just plain sucked.
Value 0/10  Horrible sandwich and pricey (for fast food).  I would have rather spent my 8 bucks on almost any other lunch item anywhere else.

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Anonymous said...

you gotta try the arby's chocolate's only $1, and i swear it's like biting into a little slice of heaven...sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat wanting one so bad.....they are that good, but make sure you get one that's hot. if it's not, you gotta nuke it first. trust me on that one.