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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Taco Bell Cheesy Double Decker Taco

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  On this blog we aren't ashamed of at times liking fast food or of liking Taco Bell.  Due to my interest in new fast food items I decided over the weekend to try out the new cheesy double decker taco from Taco Bell.  Granted in Taco Bell's case it should really be called a "new" menu item because it's basically just adding nacho cheese to something they were currently serving which in and of itself was just a different way of combining their 4 or 5 basic ingredients.  Nevertheless, the CDDT is a hard shell taco surrounded by another soft taco shell and layered in between is a fair amount of refried beans and nacho cheese sauce.  I'll admit that this thing isn't winning any beauty pageants anytime soon, and it can also be a little messy to eat.  However, I found it absolutely delicious.  The nacho cheese sauce really adds an element of creaminess that was missing from the regular double decker taco.  It also reminds me fondly of one of the now missing menu items at Taco Bell, the grande soft taco.  Also, right now it's only 89 cents.  That's hard to beat when you consider that a regular crunch taco is 89 cents on the value menu.  If you aren't extremely hungry you could probably just have 1 or 2 of these and possibly be full.  I recommend adding some fire sauce to give it a little more kick.  I'm hoping T-Bell keeps the price point where it's at, but it's likely to go up after the promotional period is over so do yourself a favor and try one now. 

Taste 9/10  A very good upgrade of the regular double decker.  Best "addition" to the menu in a while.
Value 10/10  This is EXACTLY what I want from Taco Bell at an 89 cent price point.

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