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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jersey's Cafe: New website with menu

I've already made it known that I'm a huge fan of Jersey's Cafe in Carmel. They've had some extra exposure lately because of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives filming a segment at the restaurant, and appropriately they have finally made themselves a web page that makes them seem like a serious operation.  Do yourself favor and click the link at the bottom of this post.  Make sure you check out their HUGE double menu and decide which of the many cheese steaks you want to have.  Right now I wish I had a 9th And Passyunk...wait no the Wildwood...or maybe the Chris Christie (No matter your politics you gotta admit he looks like  he knows his cheese steaks.)

Jersey's Cafe (ignore the somewhat douchey picture of Guy Fieri)

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Anonymous said...

I made it a point to eat there on Saturday, June 17th after watching Jersey Cafe on Food Channel. The food was good, however, the “SERVICE WAS HORRIBLE.” We waited 30 minutes to get in, another 30 to get served and 1 hour to be served two simple sub sandwiches. It was a 2 hour experience that I would not recommend to anyone. I heard one server apologizing to a family about their long wait. I over heard another table say that they are not leaving a tip. I almost got up and walked out paying for the drinks. I end up leaving a below average tip out of sympathy. My guess is that this place will go out of business due to the poorly managed operation. Don’t go there unless you want to wait several hours. The place is way over rated and hopefully they get the point from everyone who gets a bad dining experience like we had.