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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sahm's Restaurant and Pub

Sahm's has been a well known name in the local restaurant business for some time now.  Though this review concerns their flagship location  at 116th and Allisonville Rd. they have several different locations across the city.  I selected it as the place to go for dinner with The Girlfriend, my parents and her parents not only because it's a well known local place, but also because I was hoping that it would provide the right combination of nicely prepared food and laid back atmosphere. Thankfully it seems as if I was correct on both accounts.

Our party of 6 decided to dine at Sahm's on Saturday night and despite not having a reservation they were able to accommodate us with only a short wait.  Although with the way tables  are arranged inside with many of the seats being part of a booth having a party larger than 4 was more difficult than it otherwise would be.  Nevertheless, after we were seated we had our drink orders taken promptly and even though I chose not to partake on that evening there is a full bar service available.  As far as the menu was concerned it primarily focuses on American comfort cuisine.  It's large enough to have something for almost ever taste, but not so large as to be overwhelming. There were also several chef's specials listed for the Saturday night we were there so that was the direction I decided to go.

One of my favorite foods and hands down my favorite fish is grouper. The problem is that in Indiana it just isn't on very many menus, and typically if it is the price is borderline outrageous.  That was why I was excited to see the fried grouper fillets, accompanied by baby carrots and roasted red potatoes,  as one of the chef's specials for the evening.  I was at first concerned that I would be disappointed by the portion size, but I quickly learned that is not something to worry about at Sahm's.  For the $14 price tag I was served three nice sized grouper fillets and plenty of carrots and potatoes along with a Caesar salad to start. The salad was pretty standard fare, but I did enjoy the homemade croutons that were clearly made out the bread that was also served with the meal.  The fish, while fried, was cooked perfectly.  The fillets were moist and flavorful.  I would happily order them again. The potatoes were basically your run of the mill roasted red potatoes, but being the total potato-slut that I am I still enjoyed them quite a bit.  The carrots on the other hand definitely seemed like a throwaway side.  They were buttered, but they didn't taste like they had  been imbued with any other flavors.  I think a little sweetness added to them would have went a long way.  The complimentary bread that was served with the meal was very good, and you could tell it was fresh baked in house. I love bread that is soft on the inside with a nice outer crust and that was the case here. All six of us thoroughly enjoyed our meals, and I think I will definitely be making a return trip perhaps to try some of their barbecue.  Let's get on to the ratings

Taste 8/10:  I enjoyed my entree thoroughly as well as the bread, but the sides held it back from being an overall great meal.
Value 8/10:  If I can find grouper on a menu for $14, and I found it thoroughly enjoyable it's a good value.

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IN[dy] Girl in Love said...

I grew up in Fishers so I am very familiar with all of the Sahms locations including the downtown restaurant and The Roost. I have never had a bad experience there. The food is delicious (love the specials) and the employees are always very friendly. The new downtown location is quite different from the Northside ones and I was so excited when it opened up. It has more of a upscale urban feel with a great view of the city. Also, it's somewhat within walking distance to downtown and Lucas Oil Stadium. Definitely check it out. Love your blog!

P.S.I have a new blog:

Brent said...

I really need to make it to downtown more often. I need to quit using the excuse that it's too far or too much of a hassle and just do it. Thanks for commenting and reading. I'll definitely check out your blog also.

Anonymous said...

Everyone tells me I need to try Sahm's again. The first and only time I had it, I swore I would never go back. But alas, I guess maybe I should?

Brent said...

I had been to the Pendleton location before and didn't have a good experience. I went in somewhat skeptical but they had me at grouper. Not sure what happened on your first visit but it might be worth another shot.