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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sweet Treat: The Sweet Life

I know it has been a little while since we had a really good Sweet Treat feature review here at RDERF and I apologize.  I've been trying to drop a few lbs (down 16 so far!), and one of my main strategies is cut almost cut out sweets entirely.  However, there is a place in a strip mall on Allisonville Rd just South of 116th St. that has piqued my interest on my daily commute since last Winter.  It's called The Sweet Life, and I finally found room in my diet to to try it out.

The Sweet Life is an independent dessert and coffee shop.  When I walked in I noticed they sold various styles of fancy coffee I don't drink, chocolate candies, various flavors of cupcakes and homemade pies.  I've been looking for a good pie shop for a long time, and sure enough The Sweet Life sells their pies either whole or by the slice.  For my experience I decided to go with a slice of blueberry pie (my favorite) and one of their coconut cupcakes.

For me the most important thing in a pie, especially a fruit pie, is undoubtedly the crust.  A crust that is too dry or too think can absolutely ruin an otherwise enjoyable pie experience.  I have to say though that the slice of blueberry I had from The Sweet Life is maybe the best pie I've tasted in my life.  That is not a joke.  Not only was the filling appropriately sweet and plentiful, but the crust was nothing short of amazing.  It was flaky, but moist enough as to not be too crumbly.  It was also the perfect thickness never overwhelming the filling.  My mouth is watering now as I write about it.  Seriously, it's good enough to want to make me just say eff the diet and hook myself up to a pie IV. I hate the idea of "food trends", but if pies like this are trend bring it on.

Cupcakes have also some some "food trend" hate on this blog, but likewise the coconut cupcake here was fantastic.  Granted it was nothing Earth shattering.  I don't think it's possible for cupcakes of any variety to rock my world that much, but the cake was moist, well flavored and the icing was not overly sweet.  I also enjoyed the toasted coconut topping.

Taste 9.5  If this place is putting out pie like I had on a consistent basis I'd be willing to put their pie up against any in the state.  Damn this diet for keeping me from going back and trying more stuff.  If I was to make one suggestion I wish they would have donuts as well.

Value 7.5  Okay I'll be straight with you, baked goods that are hand made in small shop and made this well aren't going to be dirt cheap.  The good part is they don't have to be to be a really good value.  It's not going to kill anyone's pocketbook to stop in for a slice of pie and a coffee.

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