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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Food Network Star Week 3...God make it stop!

Hey everybody we're back for another round of Food Network Star. Honestly this season's contestants are so unappealing it's hard to watch let alone recap but here we go.

First of all I need to say FN reall needs to trim this show down to an hour instead of 90 minutes. The pacing is too slow, there are too many commercials and I get bored. This weeks camera challenge involved using a blatant product placement of Hershey's candies to create a dish using that candy and presenting it. The judges ended up letting all of the contestants cop out of the challenge by making rediculosly easy dishes i.e. coconut fried shrimp won. UGH. Also the culinary genius know as Vic Vegas decided it was good to dip asparagus spears in chocolate. FAILBOAT. Dude my kitchen garbage disposal would throw that shit up.

For the "star" challenge the group was divided up in 2 teams to craft a set of desserts. The main point of this segment is how annoying and douchey the Chris guy was. I wanted to reach through the tv and rip his endocrine system out of his body (Soup reference! )  Chris kept pretending to lead the team and talk about how good he is despite messing up every dish he made. The team of girls on the opposing side were much more cohesive, but their food ended up being inedible.  Guess the moral of the story is that it doesn't matter who wins this crappy show because none of these people have personalities I would like to watch on their own show.

The judging process is so slow and drawn out for a second I thought it was being run by the federal government.  The guys team ended up winning despite putting out such five star fare as kettle corn and chocolate covered bacon (I'm not kidding)  Logically this meant that the girls team lost and had one of their members sent home despite the fact that Chris on the guy's team was overall the worst in my opinion.

So in the end Alicia the blonde with the weird accent who constantly cries was on the chopping block for her cookie dough cupcakes. Also up for elimination were Susie ( churro pancakes...facepalm)  and Beth (thin runny Grand Marnier milkshake).  Alicia gets sent home, she cries, no one else gives a damn, and I lost another 90 minutes of my life.  Maybe I'll recap future episodes, or maybe I spend 90 relatively more pleasnt minutes every Sunday waterboarding myself. Check back to find out.

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