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Monday, June 20, 2011

Breakfast Review: Kolache Factory

I have lamented on this blog before about the lack of good donut shops on my way to and near work.  This has mostly been a moot point in recent weeks due to my healthier eating plan, but on Friday I was craving some bread.  I decided to make a stop at the nearby Kolache Factory and satisfy my long held curiosity about this place.

Cream cheese on left, BEC on right
Don't misunderstand me.  The Kolache Factory is NOT a donut shop.  The store setup is similar to how a donut shop works, but the product is a lot more special.  Kolache's come in many varieties.  They have the sweet varieties that are like soft delicious yeast rolls with either fruit filling or sweet cream cheese packed on top.  They also have many savory varieties that range from standard bacon, egg and cheese to bbq beef.  I decided to try 1 of both types.  The sweet cream cheese kolache was in a word okay.  It basically tasted like a cheese danish which I enjoyed, but it certainly wasn't anything special.  I would have like it more if the cream cheese had been a filling instead of a topping.  What was special was the bacon, egg and cheese kolache.  It was warm, soft and the bread tasted a lot like the delicious rolls they serve at Texas Roadhouse.  Here my bacon egg and cheese components were stuffed inside the bread.  Not only did all the ingredients taste quite fresh, but the kolache was bigger than I was expecting and the inside was stuffed full of the good stuff.  No ripoff air pockets here.  Also, the coffee I had from there was quite good as well, but it made me realize how bad the coffee at work is.

There was only one thing I didn't enjoy, and that was the service.  It was prime time pre work hours so you know a lot of people were going to be coming in to get their kolaches, but for some reason only 2 of the 4 counters were open when I got there and a lengthy line formed.  Also, the register people were taking a long time despite only have to turn around to get the desired kolaches off of a shelf.  The woman who waited on me even had to look back at the screen to see what I just ordered even though I only requested 2 kolaches.  She also failed to give me a free coffee despite the coupon I had (a fact I only later realized), and in no way instructed me that coffee was serve yourself or where it was located.  I'll probably go back because the food was good, but I'll have to make sure I'm not in a hurry.

Kolache Factory on Urbanspoon

Taste 5/10 for cream cheese and 9/10 for the bacon egg and cheese.  The BEC beat out practically any breakfast sandwich I've ever had.
Value 8/10  I got 2 kolaches and coffee for less than 5 bucks.  The kolaches were quite large and if you are like me and don't an enormous amount for breakfast you could probably get by with just 1 of the savory ones.


wibia said...

The Ranchero from here is the bomb.

-Claire said...

I haven't had kolache's in forever, I'm definitely going to need to give this a try.

Kim said...

Bacon, egg and cheese is my son's favorite! The Neighborhood Source magazine (that comes with the grocery ads) has buy 3, get 3 free coupons from time to time.