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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Review: Nigiri Sushi a la Marsh Supermarkets

I wanted to write a blog tonight about our recent Groupon induced trip to highly vaunted North side sushi restaurant Miyagi's, but being that it's U.S. Open week my after work activity primarily consisted of watching golf on the DVR.  I make absolutely no apologies for that.  After all there are worse things you can do than waste time watching sports.  Isn't that right Rep. Weiner?  Anyway, I just wanted to take a small amount of time to jot down a little review of another sushi experience I had that should serve as an interesting comparison to Miyagi's.

Note:  Originally contained 8 pieces...yeah I couldn't wait.
Marsh Supermarkets.  When its former CEO and namesake using the company funds to take trips with various mistresses, Marsh puts out several fresh ready made foods at several of its central Indiana locations.  To distinguish itself one of these items is several varieties of sushi made in house.  Over the years I've developed quite a taste for sushi and salmon nigiri in particular.  The Girlfriend doesn't share such sentiments so if I have a craving picking up some quick sushi from Marsh is not terrible option.  On this night I did in fact decide to get the salmon nigiri.  I wasn't sure how it was going to taste being that it was from a grocery store, but I had seen the sushi chef in the store and I knew it was at least fresh and not shipped in.  The portion size was quite nice and left me perfectly satisfied.  I thought the taste overall was fairly good.  It did not blow me away, and I've certainly had better.  The main issue was actually that I thought the salmon was sliced too thin and too large.  It was more wrapped around the rice ball instead of sitting on top.  Also, the rice ball itself showed a propensity for coming apart too easily when I grabbed them with my chopsticks.  When the food is just rice and fish and the rice doesn't hold up that means that pretty much the entire dish disintegrated. 

Taste 5/10  Perfectly average.  It had some problems, but almost exactly what I expected.  I'm not necessarily totally opposed to picking up some in the future if I'm really wanting sushi and there are no other options.
Value 2/10  While I did get several pieces the cost was almost 9 dollars.  Nigiri pieces can be a little pricey at dedicated sushi bars, but I didn't feel like I got bang for my buck here.  I have had better salmon nigiri at the Teppanyaki Grill in Muncie as part of the buffet.  The entire buffet meal there with sushi included doesn't cost much more than what I got from Marsh.

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