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Friday, July 1, 2011

Drink Review: Diet Mt Dew Supernova

There are some things that I enjoy that I know aren't "good for you" or "healthy", but dammit I love them and the only way you're going to get me to stop enjoying them is by prying them out of my cold dead hands.  Yes, I'm a fan of firearms also but this blog is actually about diet soda.  I'm sure at some point the nanny state may legislate away our freedom in both of these respects, but for now I have the freedom to try and hate on every new diet soda flavor out there including Diet Mt Dew Supernova.

First of all I want to say that if I'm talking about diet pop my first choice is always Diet Coke.  It was the flavor I was raised on, and I prefer it over any other flavor of pop either diet or regular.  If I'm not drinking Diet Coke then it's usually a toss up between Diet Sundrop, Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Mt Dew.  When I saw this new flavor of Diet Dew sitting the work vending machine the other day my desire for a new experience overwhelmed my craving for something I knew to be satisfying.  After all Mt Dew Supernova had a weird purplish tint and claimed to have flavors of melon and strawberry.  What could go wrong?

Answer:  Everything.  This is the single worst tasting beverage I have tasted in 27 years of life on this planet.  The first indication should have been the damn color.  If it tastes like strawberry and melon why is it purple?  Now I know there is nothing at all resembling real fruit or fruit juices in the beverage, but come on man purple?  Really?  As far as the taste itself I couldn't even begin to make out the strawberry or any other fruit flavor.  To be honest it just tasted like disgusting cough syrup.  I couldn't even begin to finish the whole bottle.  What a failed experiment.  The only time I might even consider using this for something is if I was making a Flaming Moe/Homer.  Take my advice and stay far far away.  Ok enough ranting.  I'm going to go find the nice cold refreshment of a fountain Diet Coke. 

Also, everyone have a good 4th of July holiday and remember to celebrate the birth of your country by blowing up a small part of it (Simpsons reference 2!!)  Hopefully you will all also get to enjoy a cliched red, white and blue themed dessert at your respective cookouts.  Have a good weekend!

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