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Monday, June 27, 2011

Food Network Star: Episode 4

Another week another coma inducing episode of Food Network Star.  This week I'm going to keep it really short and simple.  Once again the episode was 90 minutes long, and as a result it dragged once again.  We don't really need a 7 minute plus sequence of them on their  shopping trip to the grocery store.  The camera challenge was another shameless shill for a brand this time Kellog's.  The contestants had 45 minutes to make 3 portions of amuse bouche using the Kellog's products.  These challenges are just aren't interesting folks.  Sorry.  The girl  that  won this challenge is named Jyll and wants to call her show Jyllicious Cooking which kind of makes me want to get a lobotomy. 

The main challenge was cooking for the cast and crew of the ABC sitcom Cougar Town which I'm pretty sure barely outdraws Food Network Star in viewers.  The premise of the challenge was stupid and pointless since the contestants just pretty made whatever dishes  they wanted anyway.  The lack of twists and good challenges  really illustrates what a lack of talent Food Network thinks they have here.  I mean two of the dishes done for the main challenge were meatloaf and mac and cheese.  Not that I don't like those two things, but I was under the impression this contest was supposed to be something special.  These recipes were played straight with very little creativity.  Penny, the most annoying woman in the world, was the one that made the mac and cheese and couldn't even do it without burning it.  My mom and The Girlfriend could easily do better than that.  Incredibly Penny wasn't the one voted off.  They instead voted off Justin B. who arguably had the best culinary chops of the bunch, but admittedly wasn't as great at presenting to camera.  He could have polished those skills, but the others will never have his cooking skills.  The fact that he went this early just shows you how little this competition is about food and how much it's about finding someone to look good and sell products.  Lame

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Anonymous said...

My 6 year old loves this show! Which tells you the calibar of the contestants. 30 minutes in I thought I was going to lose it!! Why is it so long?