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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Ever Expanding World Of Indy Food Blogs

When I started this blog last fall there were about 3 Indy food blogs I checked on the regular.  I was a little nervous when I started because others had been in the game so long I wondered if I could say anything that hadn't already been said.  With even just 3 blogs that I knew of was the Indy food blogosphere already over saturated?  I decided to go ahead and start writing anyway just for my own personal enjoyment.  I never thought anyone, outside of my friends really, would start reading anything I wrote.  It was much to my surprise that I actually got some positive response.  Since then it seems even more people have taken up the mantle of food blogger here in the Indy metro area.  In fact it seems like so many are popping up I have a hard time keeping track, though I try.  I think it's pertinent to ask the question again, how many food bloggers in one city is too many?

In my opinion I think the answer is that there can never be too many.  That is what makes blogging great.  Nobody is there to tell you that you can't.  Every person who writes brings a new style or perspective to whatever subject they're covering.  Even if some of the same hangouts or restaurants are covered by different bloggers it doesn't mean that the two reviews will look exactly alike.  While I try to boldly eat what no one has written about eating before, I think disagreements among writers makes for interesting reading as well.

I welcome all new food bloggers with open arms as long as they are having fun and doing it for the right reasons.  I myself read multiple blogs every day, and I'm guessing a lot of you do also.  Having readers is not a zero-sum-game.  I say take it all in.  After all if there are enough people writing blogs with new content then maybe there will be enough to read to avoid doing work entirely.  Cheers and happy eating.

P.S. Blogger is telling me the word "bloggers" is a misspelling.  Fail.

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