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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quick Weekend Food Thoughts

Over the long weekend I had several food experiences and I'd like to share some quick thoughts about them with all 5 of you loyal readers out there.

-On Saturday I went to Jason's Deli which is a new place on 82nd West of Allisonville.  A full review will be coming shortly, but I'll just say that even with my predisposition to hate sub/sandwich places (I'm looking at you Jimmy Johns and Subway) this place kind of won me over.

-I tried to new crunchy whatever burrito from Taco Bell.  Not bad.  I didn't get a lot of heat from the "spicy" Dorito strips, but otherwise it was T-bell's basic meat/chese thing which I like.  And it was only a buck.

-Great Taste Chinese might be the worst takeout Chinese food in the Indy metro area.  It's in Fishers on Mundy Dr.  If you're wanting to get takeout Chinese in that area just go to Hong Kong Cusine trust me.  Usually I have a hard time distinguishing the difference between those places, but in this case in terms of freshness, taste, service and price Great Taste doesn't measure up.

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