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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pizza Per Capita

I saw a interesting link in a post over at Serious Eats that I thought was worth a little quick commentary.  It was a link to a report published by the pizza trade magazine PMQ.  The report details all kinds of interesting data about pizza consumption but what I found most interesting was this map. On the map each individual state is colored coded to show how each ranks in the amount of pizzerias per capita.  If you were thinking that the red states on the map including places such as California were the biggest places to grab a pie you'd be dead wrong.  Red is the least amount of pizza restaurants per capita.  Green, including our humble state of Indiana ranks among the most.  I thought I had noticed a lot of new pizza places opening recently including many independent places and I guess that thought had some merit to it.  Here is a link to the whole PMQ report if you're interested.  You'll notice that independent places collectively have more market share than the big chains.  Encouraging to say the least.

Hat tip: Serious Eats Slice blog and PMQ Pizza Magazine.

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