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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog Title/Concept

I wanted to take a minute to get a little feedback from what readers I do have as to my little food blog's overall concept and title.  I have to say I like the title even though it's a little wordy and I wouldn't be too excited about having to get the word out about a new web address.  One thing I am kind of on the fence about is the concept as it relates to reviews.  By including randomness in the reviews I was trying to create a little hook that could be used for humor and relate overall to the idea of the blog, but as I write more reviews I think the randomness rating seems more and more arbitrary and dumb.  I'm thinking of eliminating it all together and just having the randomness concept relate to my various musing about food, restaurants and what I like to eat.  What say you? 

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wibia said...

Like the title, agree on the random scale, can it. People care about taste and value. Value is a moving target though, value of what? If it is just being full, I can go to Cici’s for $4.99, therefore, how would $80 at a steakhouse hold any value. Value is different for everyone, so I would try to be clear on how you are defining value.