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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Devour Downtown

Devour Downtown is the twice yearly promotion that the restaurants in downtown Indy put on to draw people in for meals that might not otherwise come due to the cost being too high for their budget.  A lot of the restaurants offer a 3 course menu for 30 dollars during the promtion (some entree's alone at some of these restaurants can normally be north of 30 dollars).  I've said in the past I was going to out to eat at one of these establishments during this event, but thus far I have not made it out.  This time I'm serious though.  Here is the link to the Devour Downtown website.  What looks good to you?  Any recommendations for me?


wibia said...

R Bistro, Capitol Grille, Skyline Club and McCormick and Schmicks caught my eye... I would like to go to somewhere that I haven't before, so we will see.

Leslie said...

I still didn't get a chance to get to this.