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Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Blogging Debut At PJ Lifestyle

It is with much pleasure that I get to announce that I was offered the opportunity to do some food blogging for the lifestyle section of Pajamas Media.  Today is the debut of my first blog: But I Love That Place: The 7 Most Overrated Fast Food Restaurants.  It was a piece that I had a lot of fun writing, and hopefull people will have fun reading it as well.  It's important to note that this doesn't mean Random Dude Eats Random Food is going on hiatus.  I'm still going to try to do reviews here with an emphasis on Indy/Indiana specific locations.  In the meantime come on over to PJ Lifestyle and check us out.  Here's a little taste.
French fries sizzling in hot oil. Fresh (at least at some point) hamburger searing on the flat top grill. Squeaky-voiced teen messing up our order and saying he’ll have to ask his manager. This is the fast food experience Americans are all familiar with. When we walk into a fast food restaurant we all have a certain set of expectations about the food and service based on our previous experiences. That’s why we continue to go back — no matter where in the country we are, we expect the same McDonald’s or Taco Bell meal.

However, it seems to be increasingly evident that fast food restaurants are trying new gimmicks marketing techniques to change both our expectations and perceptions of what they’re serving and how they’re serving it. If my business was being endlessly attacked by nanny-staters that want to dictate what I can and can’t serve my customers, I’d probably try almost anything to keep them coming in the door. But when you try to create the perception of better food and better value instead of actually giving it to your customers, you become a prime candidate for today’s list.


Billiam said...

I really enjoyed the column, and I agreed with it. No hate from this guy. I used to like Subway, until I had Quizno's. Then I had Erbert and Gerberts. Yummy! Then, I tried Jimmy Johns. Also tasty. For burgers and fries, 5 Guys. A little pricey, but the jalapenos and grilled onions and mushrooms make for a great burger. I'll be back..

Brent said...

Love Five Guys. My go to sub places these days are probably Penn Station and Jimmy Johns. Also thanks for reading and commenting.

citynomnoms said...

Great piece - though I'm still on the Chipotle train (but don't think I'm hating.) I haven't found anyone to match their rice - I just like it and can't find it at Qdoba.

I agree with Subway. I'd nosh on anything from Erbert & Gerberts or JJ's for my sandwiches. Cheers!

Billiam said...

A Panda Express just opened close to my apartment in West Allis, Wi. I stopped by for a try. Had the fried rice, orange chicken and black pepper chicken. I also had an egg roll with no sauce. Always try one without sauce to see how it's flavor is. Yes, the oc was a bit bland, and not saucy enough. The bpc was pretty darn tasty and well seasoned. The fr was dry. The egg roll was darn good considering. Total was $7.65. Closer to my place is Great Apple chinese. Fresh and very good. A little more expensive, but fresh and delicious. Panda will do in a pinch, like not having enough time to wait. That said, I'll have to see if the second visit is better or worse than first.