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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Review: Kabob Korner

A lot of my favorite foods tend to be various types of comfort food.  I know it has become a little cliche in today's food culture, but that's what I grew up eating and have fond memories of eating.  That's why it's such a treat when I get my adventurous side up and try something (usually ethnic food) that I'm not used to enjoying.  It's even more exciting when said meal turns out to be one I quite enjoy.

The place in question is of course Kabob Korner.  It's a little unassuming Afghani restaurant set in the corner of a small strip mall in the Castleton area.  It's one of those places that I enjoy so much because if you didn't know it was there you might miss it.  I myself have probably driven by the location across from the AMC Theater in the Castleton Square Mall dozens of times, but thanks to a suggestion from a co-worker several weeks ago I finally decided to stop in.

As all of you intelligent readers have probably figured out by now the main part of their menu consists of kabobs of various types of meat.  However, the kind of kabob they serve may not be the one you have pictured in your mind's eye.  Instead of getting served grilled meat and veggies on a stick what you get is your choice of meat prepared but not served on skewers, basmati rice with a tomato sauce topping and 2 pita bread pieces with a yogurt sauce.  On my trip I decided to go with the more expensive lamb, but I was informed this was their specialty and they did not disappoint.  The meat was heavily but nicely seasoned and cooked to perfection.  It was juicy and fresh, but in now way greasy.  The portion size was also quite large which I enjoyed.  The basmati rice didn't strike me as anything terribly special, but the homemade tomato sauce on top was quite enjoyable.  I just wished there was more of it to counterbalance the somewhat dry rice.  The pita pockets were also quite fresh and being served warm they were the perfect consistency.  The pitas were good both on their own and as a vehicle for containing meat and rice.

One thing I think you have to be aware of in regards to choosing to eat at the Kabob Korner is that if you judge the restaurant by its location, appearance, decor and plastic eating utensils you might draw the wrong conclusion.  I know I came in expecting something similar to a Chinese takeout experience.  Mediocre food quality at a low price prepared quickly.  What I got was something of much higher quality.  Yes the price was higher  than something you might expect to pay at a strip mall restaurant, but that's why it's important to look at what your eating and not where you're eating it.

Taste 8/10  The lamb was perfectly prepared and delicious.  I'd definitely get this dish again despite the just okay rice side dish.
Value 7/10  I paid just north of 13 dollars for a healthy portion of lamb, rice, pitas and a Coke.  I think that is pretty darn good.

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IndianapolisEater said...

Wow, I think I might be the only person in the world that does not like Kabob Korner. My meal was just spicy mush.

Here's the review I did for comparison:

Tom H said...

I also enjoy the Kabob Korner. And the owner has come across as a seriously nice man who certainly cares. If you like spicy food, I suggest asking for some chile relish to add to your meal - sometimes it is in a bowl near the counter. For my taste it helps the problem you had with the rice.

Brent said...

I only saw the spicy sauce on the counter after my meal was finished. I'll remember that for next time.