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Friday, May 6, 2011

Movie Eats

Tonight The Girlfriend and I will be going to see Thor in IMAX3D and I was trying to think of what we're going to do for dinner. Fridays are typically a takeout night for us so we'll probably stick to that and grab something before the 7pm show. I wanted to open it up and ask what you all like to eat when going to a show?  Do you do a sitdown meal?  Fast food?  Before or after the film?  Do you like to get snacks at the theater despite it being a huge ripoff?  As for me I think I'm feeling like sushi tonight, and no theater snacks for me thank you. As always happy eatings and have a good weekend!


-Claire said...
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-Claire said...

Personally, I would opt for a snack at home before and then going out after the film for a drink and some noms. I loathe spending money on movie snacks...Something about knowing they are a rep off makes them not taste as good.

Tracy said...

I love popcorn but can't get myself to eat the fattening movie theatre stuff that is bad for my body and pocket. I make low calorie microwave popcorn, stick it in a ziploc and bring it with me with a diet ice tea. My daughter brings water and m&m's. Most everyone at the theatre I go to brings their own. I would buy there if it wasn't such a HUGE ripoff. I understand charging more for a profit but $3.50 for a fountain soda is a crime. It cost them about .20 total for that soda.

Actually with RedBox $1.00 movies I just wait a little while and I can have a movie and snacks at home for very little money.

Brent said...

Tracy totally agree about the prices, on the sodas especially. On this occasion we went to dinner first and didn't purchase any theater snacks. In the past we have been know to smuggle in our own eats. However, we did make one purchase. We bought 2 overpriced beers from the new upstairs bar at the theater which was kind of cool.

Ryan said...

I actually have just stopped going to the movies. As a young 30-something couple with no kids, and no kids planned for the future, my goal has been to be as debt free as possible. Not living rent free at home, having your own home, and not making six-figures a year gives one a sense about money.

I stopped going to the movies on a regular basis years ago, after having been a huge movie fan (and a fan of their popcorn and soft drinks). I do check out some movies on the big screen, but not very many. I would estimate that between Blockbuster, and now Netflix, I have saved thousands of dollars. Not only that, I have gotten use to the peace that comes with watching movies in my own living room. I make my own popcorn using my Stir Crazy, drink my own filtered water, etc..

The few times we do go out to the movies we do buy their popcorn, but we stop off at Speedway and buy two bottles of water for like $2, saving us about $4.00. We also go to movies early in the day, and ones that have been out for a while.

$9/movies, $5/popcorn, and $3/drinks really took the fun out of movies.

As far as eating out, I'm just as cheap. I would opt for the fast food every time. Most Applebee type places serve hamburgers and french fries that are no better than what I can get at Hardee's. I can spend about $12 at Hardee's vs $18+tip at most sit down restaurants.