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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Restaurant Impossible Filming Nearby

According to Food Network restaurant makeover show Restaurant Impossible will be filming within the next two weeks at a place in Nora called The Snooty Fox. I've never been to the restaurant so I can't speak to it's quality. I have, however, watch Restaurant Impoosible and I can tell you that I think it kind of sucks.  As I've blogged about in the past I think it is pretty much just a cheap ripoff of Kitchen Nightmares, but I do somewhat like Robert Irvine and I wish the owners of the restaurant featured on the show all the best.

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Leslie said...

That is right down the road from me. My husband hates Robert Irvine... I told him about Robert lying on his resume, and he was just disgusted. He was even more disgusted when they hired him back.