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Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekend Food Preview

I haven't done one of these posts in a while, but I thought it was time.  This week has been really long and kind of rough honestly.  I need some good eats this weekend to make up for it.  Not to give too much away, but I was definitely thinking of having at least one more meal on the Random Dude Eats Random Food Summer of BBQ Love Tour.  If you have any non BBQ suggestions please let me know, specifically on the NW side of town.  The Girlfriend got a new job over there, and I planned on showing her the best/quickest way for her to get to work so she doesn't have to go by the GPS' crappy routes.  Also, are there any new grocery products or fast food items on the market that would be worth trying?  Also, let me know if you go or plan to go to anyplace cool this weekend.  Happy eatings!


Indy Student said...

Northwest as in about Pike Township area? There are several ethnic restaurants in the 38th st/Lafayette Road area. It's a huge mess due to construction, and ethnic food isn't always my cup of tea, but it's something worth checking out if you are. Several of them were profiled in a NYT review of restaurants in the Indy area.

BBI keeps hours worse than "business hours" but is a great breakfast and lunchtime joint to stop by.

Brent said...

Thanks for the recommendations. That's an area I will check out at some point. I'm not incredibly adventurous, but I can be more interested in ethnic restaurants than other people I know. Here I was actually asking about the far NW side somewhere around 86th and 465.

Tom H said...

I love Patrick's Kitchen in Zionsville. And so far as new-ish grocery products, the lean cusine thai chicken spring rolls are pretty fantastic. Especially if you happen to have some leftover duck sauce packets from carryout.

Anonymous said...

New grocery store item I just picked up. It's call Baconaise (sic). The only place I've seen it is Marsh in Nora. It is definately some interesting stuff. Tastes a little strange at first if you just dip a finger in, but becomes pretty amazing when you start experimenting.