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Monday, August 8, 2011

Fast Food Review: Chick Fil A Spicy Chicken Sandwich

The Spicy Chicken Sandwich really isn't that new of a menu item, but I had been really in the mood for a Chick Fil A chicken sandwich as of late but I wanted to try something just a little bit different.  I thought it might be good to write about it here incase any of you have been thinking about stepping outside the box a little bit too, or maybe just want to dip your toe into spicy food waters.

The sandwich was exactly what I expected given my past experiences at Chick Fil A.  It was delicious.  Chick Fil A can be kind of a quirky place, but damn they have the breaded chicken sandwich down to a science.  The piece of meat that I got tasted fresh, juicy and not overly breaded.  Just about perfect.  I was worried at first that the addition of the spicy element might just be too much.  I didn't want it to throw my awesome sandwich out of balance.  Luckily, it actually added another great element in my opinion.  The spicy flavors were subtle enough as to not overpower a great sandwich.  It was that kind of heat that is just a little extra on the back end (Sir Mix-a-lot style?).  If you're not a huge fan of spicy food this is one I suggest you give a try if you want to be a little adventurous.  You might be pleasantly surprised.  I know it's going to be my go-to choice from now on when I pay a visit to Chick Fil A.

Taste 10/10  If I'm comparing it to other fast food and their chicken sandwiches specifically none can hold a candle what Chick Fil A is putting out.

Value 7/10  Combo prices are more or less in line with other fast food offerings.  With the quality is being good here they deserve a better than average score.

P.S.  I've ranted on this blog about places not giving you enough sauces before, but look at how Chick Fil A hooked me up.  Note:  I did not ask for extra sauces or have any extra food orders I didn't mention.  They just gave me a handful of what I asked for like places should.

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