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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Product Review: Nestle's Crunch Caramel and Coconut

Everyone loves Girl Scout cookies. Everyone probably doesn't love the fact that you can usually only get them once a year, and you get harassed to buy them by cute kids every time you go to the mall or to the store. Nestle created a solution that solves all of your problems with their new candy bar line featuring Girl Scout cookie flavors.

I'm not sure why, but the actual names of the cookies (Tagalongs, Samoas, etc) we've all become so familiar with do not appear on the packaging even though the Girl Scouts name and logo is clearly there. However, if you have an IQ even just barely higher than a sack of hammers you'll probably be able to figure out which flavors are which. For this review I decided to go with the caramel and coconut bar aka a Samoa because well those are my favorite. As you can see in the picture this might be labeled as a variation on a Nestle's Crunch, but really the similarity stops at the packaging. This is a smaller thicker candy bar where the crunch seems to come from more of a wafer than crisp rice. Also, "Nestle" isn't molded into the top of the bar like we're used to seeing. Instead there is this kind of caramel drizzle.  As far as the taste goes I have to say Nestle absolutely nailed the flavor of Samoa's, and that of course means it was delicious. However, if you were expecting the kind of textures you get from the cookie you won't find them here. This is more of a layered wafer with filling that has flavor. You won't find any toasted coconut or gooey caramel. Also, I calculated it and this candy bar is only 5 Weight Watchers points which means I could eat it as a snack without too much guilt.  I suspect the relatively low points value though is more due to the fact that the bar is rather small rather than really being considered "light" in any capacity. Overall very good, and they are selling them at Speedway right now 2 for $2 if you want to try a couple of different flavors.

Rating: Must Buy

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