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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fourth of July Food our Independence Day! Those are the immortal words of President Bill Pullman before he got in his fighter jet and kicked alien butt back on July, 4 1996. In celebration of this momentus occasion it is an American tradition to gather with family and friends, watch Will Smith sci-fi films and eat copious amounts of food. Of course everyone has their own outdoor grilling favorites for the 4th, but I like to keep it pretty basic with burgers, dogs, and maybe some brats or Italian sausage. I think where you can really set your cookout apart though is in what you or your guests bring for side dishes. So if you have a unique side that you like to bring to cookouts go ahead and leave it in the comments or better yet post your recipe or give us a link to one. I'll start.  In our family we have a traditional dessert that is at every holiday gathering called Cherry Delight. It was originally made by my grandmother and now my mom, but the premise is simple. It's a lighter and more airy version of a cherry cheesecake and it is fantastic. Also, I've convinced The Fiance to make a mixed berry cobbler this year. Yum.  Also, does anyone actually make this flag cake thing that is on the cover of every grocery store magazine in the month of July?

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DMC said...

I made something similar to it once, using puff pastry as the base, a vanilla pastry cream topping and the blue and strawberries. Was very good.