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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Your Favorite Burger

I've probably written on this blog more than once that food can be a highly personal thing.  We each have our own likes, dislikes, and preferences and certainly this blog is an outlet for my opinions on all those things.  However, if I ask you what you're favorite hamburger joint is and you tell me 5 Guys  you are objectively wrong. Sorry. Of course that's not really a slight against 5 Guys Burgers and Fries which I do enjoy. It's a slight against you for not going out and exploring your local restaurants and food scene enough to know what a truly awesome medium rare burger with perfectly crafted toppings (see: The Local) tastes like.  Ladies and gents burgers are NOT just fast food anymore.  Tons of local restaurants are elevating the concept to another level. Are there still problems with not cooking the meat to the right temp or even *gasp* using frozen patties? Sure there are, but explore what's around you.  You'll probably be pleasantly surprised that for the same 10 bucks you spent to get a burger, fries, and drink from 5 Guys will buy you a burger that is just a little more special and definitely more tasty.


DMC said...

Workingman's Friend. I haven't been there in years but I'm sure they're as good ad they've ever been.

Five Guys is ok but I'm disappointed at how bad Steak & Shake has gotten over the last ten years or so.

Gottfried Mind said...

Krekel's Custard, Decatur Illinois.

Thin and crispy, with the right amount of grease. I'll take mine with mustard, pickle and onion.

"That is a tasty burger."

Krekel's -

icecycle66 said...

We have two Five Guys. I was really dissapointed with Five guys. Their burgers tasted like the ones I make at home. That's not a good thing.

The best burger in Tucson is Cheeburger Cheeburger in the airport. The problem is that you have to actually be past the security checkpoint to eat there.

I know that's terrible, but that's it.

If you are in Tucson you might try to tell me that Zen Burger is the best. That place is overpriced, overgreased, and over hyped. They aren't bad, but not the best.

It's easier to find good tacos here.

Mal said...

Chatham Tap has great burgers!

Beth said...

Room Four has THE BEST burgers, followed by Scratch Truck's Scratch Burger.

best burger said...

not until i came in america i tasted real tasted of a best burger!!! chomp chomp. im asian. my husband started to make home-made burger.. and sooo good... made me smile also knowing americans love burger...

filipino singles said...

Oh yeah. Its true! Americans Love Burgers. A Lot.

As the article from "The Consumers" says "Apparently burgers are recession-proof. In fact, according to a recent survey cited by the Boston Globe, "It may be one area of food service where [consumers] are less willing to cut back, despite the current economic environment." We didn't know there was a shortage of burger options in the U.S., to be honest, but about half of us think restuarants should offer more burger variety."