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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Eating and Blogging and Fried Pickles

Hello faithful readers. I know I posted recently that I planned to do a lot more blogging, and certainly that is still the case. However, I have been saddled with some technical issues with my laptop and blogging like this from my phone is difficult. Don't worry though I have a new computer coming in the mail so I should be able to get back on the horse soon. In the meantime I wanted to say a little something about a fried pickle appetizer I had at The Mill Tavern in Westfield.

Now I have reviewed their Jellystone burger before and found it playful and unique.  Their take on fried pickles is similar in that regard. Instead of the usual chips these pickles were cut lengthwise. I thought this allowed the pickle flavor to stand up to the breading a little better. And speaking of the breading I much preferred their lighter cornmeal crust to the usual thick batter.  All in all very enjoyable, and a good value at only $4.50 for a large portion.


Great Place to Date said...

I enjoyed my meal at The Tavern On Mill. Their Burgers are surprisingly good, there's also a fat kid option of a fried egg. Garlic Tator-Tots are what you should choose to layer the inner thigh fat after it sits from lack of exercise. :D

filipino girls said...

For me, The Tavern - it's merely a Bar. Technically that should sum it up, but because that may mean different things to different people, I will elaborate. There is nothing stellar about The Tavern, but it's nice. It's the sort of place you end up at, but you don't necessarily regret. I've never eaten the food here, so I can't comment on that, but It's not a destination for food in my opinion. It's a college bar, but a bit more upscale. It's not a trashy dive. They have a nice large outdoor patio area as well as the bar and dancefloor area.