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Monday, December 12, 2011

Burger King Still Sucks: New BK Fries Review

I don't know if I've ever voiced this opinion explicitly on this blog, but Burger King flat out sucks and has for a while.  You might be saying, "Hold up it didn't make your list of overrated fast food restaurants. What gives?" I'd say you're right it didn't.  To be overrated there has to be some perception out there that it's good.  Burger King is long long way from that.  Every time I go there I see dirty restaurants, few customers, slacking, poorly dressed employees who aren't even wearing clean cohesive uniforms, long waits in the drive thru and burgers that have shrank more than Obama's approval ratings.  It's so sad because I remember BK being one of my favorite places in fast food when I was a kid.  The charbroiled burgers were always especially enjoyable.  I think BK management has recognized their company's slide, but are there efforts enough to reverse the trend?

If I had to answer that question with one word I would say no. Their most recent effort the new BK fries are trying to be presented as some kind of savior for the company. I understand why they are trying considering how bad their old fries were, but in my opinion there just isn't a lot new or enjoyable about these.  The only, and I mean ONLY, discernable difference was the size.  They are slightly thicker than the old fries.  There you have it.  That's it.  They could have gone with new seasoning, fresh cut, the appearance of fresh cut (Wendy's), but they didn't do any of that at all. Burger King seems to think that the idea of being new also means better.  I assure you this is not the case.

Besides the fries I decided to try one of their new BK Toppers burgers.  I went with the cheeseburger that comes with bbq sauce and onion rings, The Western BBQ Cheeseburger.  It was honestly one of the worst "new" menu items I've ever had. The cheese was not melted, the onion rings were cold, the bbq sauce was barely there and had no flavor.   If the burger had 2 patties or if it was a dollar cheaper I may not have hated it as much, but as it is I consider it a total ripoff. 

Taste 0/10 I will not be going back to Burger King again. Period. Unlike Hardee's they have shown me nothing that proves they are really trying to improve their brand.  They have bigger problems than just the menu or the food, but considering they haven't solved those yet I see no way they can pull off a top to bottom overhaul

Value 0/10 Even if it was free I don't think that would be good enough.  Too many other choices in fast food that are competitively priced with much much better quality.


Anonymous said...

I agree. BK used to be my favorite. I loved the old fries and especially the old tenders. What the hell happened to them? And even if the fries were good, it's not like you ever get them hot anyway.

Anonymous said...

I wish BK would bring back the Big King. Along with King size fries.. And bring back the old old fries. When they were thin, hot, crispy and salty. NOT COATED. Like the new thick ones or the previously thin coated ones. Ugghh. And i hate when u buy a large size at any fast food place, and they never fill up the container. Except when they want to give u all the old fries.

Best Fast Food Restaurant said...

The old fries were great, not sure what you are talking about, but the you are right on the new fries, they are horrible. Don't know what they are thinking, maybe trying to save money on seasoning, horrible move.

Anonymous said...

I tried the new fries and am disappointed. The thicker fries taste ordinary. They don't satisfy my BK thin, crispy fries and a soda craving. Bring back the thin fries!

Anonymous said...

The new fries are TERRIBLE! They are worse than frozen ones, they taste stale like they have been left out for days. Truly one of the worst fries ive ever tasted. Their original fry was the best they had to offer and even they were 'ok' but now they are the worst. The rest of the food isn't bad but the NEW FRIES STINK. I threw them away, that's how bad they were.

If fresh fries made from scratch are a 10, these are a 0! frozen ones, the cheapest got them beat.

Glad to see someone else agrees.

Anonymous said...

This generation reminds me of the late 20s where young kids want change just for the sakes of change without providing anything meaningful in life.

You can alter the wardrobe as much as you like but if it's a crappy design it's a crappy design.

The high taxes I believe are making these companies press the *panic* button because despite all the criticism the Bush era was better.

He didn't do all the tax cuts that he wanted because they were all blocked by the Democrats in Congress but what he did do did help the economy.

But the government didn't stop overspending so it was only a temporary effect that it worked.

Canada is richer then us because their government put the red tape on overspending and are out of the *red* as of a few years ago.

I haven't heard anything since so I assume no news is good news?

Anonymous said...

Therefore if we had lower taxes and the Nanny Congress didn't force us to regulate the fries the fast food places would be like how they used to be.

Fun and creative.

The *fat free* fries came under the Bush era Democrats and he didn't do a damn thing to stop it and it was first passed in New York by a judge! Judges don't MAKE laws.

He was a very wishy washy President it seems where sometimes he would go Republican and other times Democrat where he couldn't make up his mind but leaned heavily Democrat towards the end in regulating our daily lives.

BJ said...

It was better back in the late 80's old fries, fried in beef fat.