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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weekend Food Preview

Well thankfully another weekend is just around the corner.  That means a few things for yours truly.  First of all The Girlfriend and I are going to a party tomorrow night which should be a good time. If anybody has any good fall party food or drinks feel free to post them in the comments.  Also, speaking of the arrival of fall and colder weather I'm starting to get more cravings for comfort/bar food.  I don't know that's just how my brain works.  I think for dinner this weekend we might take a trip over to the Carmel Arts and Design District and find something that fits that mold.  If you have recommendations let me know.  Also, I just wanted to make this a little open thread of sorts for anything you want to talk about in regards to what you're eating, cooking, or restaurant recommendations.  Have a good weekend.  Happy eatings.


Tom H said...

Not sure if it'll be tomorrow or Sunday, but a beer, a sandwich and frites are in my future (at Taste Cafe). Has been too long since we've made that trip.

And I think I'm going to make try out a recipe I saw on Serious Eats today (for a Greek honey cheesecake situation). Seemed reasonably simple to prepare... and we've got a glut of honey.

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